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We love what we do

All of us at QuadrixIT have a unique personality “flaw”.  We look at the glass half full, and we’re not satisfied until it’s full.  This little quirk gives us the competitive edge that drives us to go the extra mile to make sure that your application, website, and software is as perfect as possible before it leaves us.

Core competencies

Amazon Web Services
Extreme Performance Testing
Content Management System Testing
White Box Code Review
Penetration Testing & Security Audits
Comparative IT Product Analytis
Smartphone Cross-Product Testing
Selenium Automation Testing

Quality & Security

Expert Drupal Developers

Big Data & Analytics

Big Data Services

Our Services

  • Software Development

    Leverage the world class technologies and industry experience of QuadrixIT application development services.  QuadrixIT experts employ mature software methodologies, proven design patterns, and follow best practices guidance throughout design and development.  Get great quality software – on time.

  • Software Testing Services

    Ensure total quality for your websites and applications by getting your software and websites quality certified before your customers find problems.  Our software testing services provide everything from performance testing of up to 500,000 users to complete functional testing.  We will quickly get your product or service fully tested and of the utmost quality.

  • Big Data Services

    Maximize the value of your data. QuadrixIT provides the technical experience to develop your Big Data solution from proof-of-concept to production. Our solution architects will develop a Big Data solution quickly, painlessly, and provide you with extreme performance and analysis you need.

  • Drupal Development

    We love Drupal – it’s as our main development platform for our sites and we’ve been building Drupal sites for  more than 11 years. We’ve built simple to highly complex highly scaled Drupal websites supporting a wide range of businesses. We’re located in Los Angeles, California and would love the opportunity to speak with you about your business requirements. Contact Us to discuss how we can help.

  • WordPress Development

    Our customers love the ease  of use of WordPress – it’s flexible, offers great functionality, and a good solution for many businesses. We’ve built many varieties of WordPress websites covering a multitude of businesses objectives – small business to highly customized solutions with custom plugins and themes. We’re based in Los Angeles, California and would love the opportunity to hear about your business objectivesContact Us to discuss how we can help.

  • Smartphone Development

    QuadrixIT provides synergy for your mobile development projects by providing full smartphone and tablet development services along with quality management.

  • QuadrixIT On-Demand QA

    QuadrixIT On-Demand QA is our custom On-Demand QA solution, providing cost-effective software testing services designed for projects on a cycle-based development path.

  • Performance & Stress Testing

    Utilizing the Selenium open source framework along with our website load testing environment to provide a solution to proactively find bottlenecks and other performance issues.

  • Security Testing

    Ensure that your infrastructure, software, and IT services operate securely to protect your business and your customers.  Your software testing plan must include security testing as part of its methodology.

  • Smartphone & Mobile Device Testing

    Testing SmartPhone and Mobile Device applications and operating systems is a unique discipline that requires extensive knowledge beyond standard software QA testing methodologies, tools, and processes.

  • Product Testing & Certification

    QuadrixIT Certified” is QuadrixIT’s flagship custom certification and testing program for Information Technology products, services and components.

  • Managed Cloud

    QuadrixIT Managed Cloud Services fully support Amazon infrastructure requirements.  Our AWS experts extend to our Managed Services ensuring your solutions run smoothly 24/7.