Comparative Review

In-depth technical analysis of the VIPRE antivirus product in comparison with other leading antivirus products, including stand-alone desktop consumer applications and Enterprise products. Detailed comparative was used for marketing purposes to show installation time and complexity, type of viruses found, speed to scan and mitigate viruses, reliability of products, and overall ease-of-use.


Sunbelt Software

Quality assurance testing of Joomla! application and support of all test services to ensure positive customer experience on website and EMI Play application.

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Our Process

  • Installation of VIPRE antivirus product and comparative leading-edge antivirus applications
  • Technical assessment of VIPRE and leading antivirus products
  • Metrics and heuristics capture of all antivirus comparative products
  • Detailed conclusive report comparing VIPRE with leading antivirus applications

Our Skills

  • Antivirus Lab (all current and major viruses for test)
  • Technical Analysis of Virus Definitions
  • Comparative Review of Virus Definitions Between Products Tested
  • Analysis of Antivirus Mitigation & Resolution
  • Deep Technical Review of Antivirus Applications
  • Comparative Report With Conclusive Data Between Top Antivirus Applications