Managed Cloud

QuadrixIT Managed Cloud

QuadrixIT provides a wide complement of Managed Cloud Services solutions that enable you to focus on your business.

Our system administration, database administration, and network administration professionals specialize in managing systems in the cloud.  Our personnel are available 24×7 to bring you a reliable hosting solution that will deliver quality to your customers.

Our Cloud Based Business Managed Services include…
• Server provisioning
• Snapshot backups
• Application installation and support
• Patch/software upgrades and management
• Database administration and performance tuning
• Application management
• Firewall management
• High availability management
• Disaster recovery solutions
• 24/7 NOC

QuadrixIT has a fully ITIL compliant NOC that monitors your services 24/7.  You can feel assured that your systems are available to meet your SLA requirements.  With our NOC we can…
• Setup monitors
• Provide first response services
• Provide remedial recovery services
• Escalate alerts to your staff
• SLA reports
• Service trending
• Performance monitoring and autoscaling

QuadrixIT Cloud Migration Professional Services

Our professional services group can help your company identify what cloud computing can do for your company, help you migrate to the cloud and then optimize your services for the cloud.  Professional engagements can include…
• Capacity Planning
• Cloud migration
• Cloud strategy
• Disaster recovery
• Load testing
• Vulnerability scanning and assessment
• CDN implementation
• Performance optimization

We will monitor your environment to ensure you have enough computing capacity to meet your needs.  We will work with you to ensure your SLAs are met while minimizing the cost of your infrastructure, and we’ll monitor and automatically up or downgrade capacity based upon performance metrics you define.  By actively managing your computing resources we can help lower your overall hosting and management costs.

Database Administration and performance tuning

QuadrixIT has database professionals who understand the maintenance and performance characteristics of databases running in the cloud.  Our DBAs work tirelessly to ensure your databases run smoothly.

Network Administration

QuadrixIT will manage all your networking needs, including…
firewall configuration
load balancing
DNS administration
Security services and management
QuadrixIT will manage all your security needs, including…
firewall configuration
Penetration testing
IDS implementations
Log analysis

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QuadrixIT is an Amazon APN Advanced Technology Partner